Dance Class Exclusive 5-Pack
Fall 2013 - Exclusive to Target
5-Pack includes: Lagoona, Robecca, Operetta and exclusive Gil and Rochelle

This 5-Pack first showed up at the end of July 2013.


  • As with the previous Skull Shores 5-Pack, this exclusive 5-Pack shares the same stock number in Target’s system, meaning it’s hit or miss on tracking it down. However it also meant the sale price for the Skull Shores 5-Pack applied to this one as well (and should continue to do so).
  • This 5-Pack does not include stands.

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    We can buy it together. Split it so I get gill and lagoona.. I can buy the other two as well if you ONLY want rochelle...
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    You mean I have to buy the whole thing to get Rochelle!? urghhhhh
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